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Money laundering makes money hard to follow

There’s a good reason why it can be hard to understand what money laundering is and how it works. News stories about money laundering are usually hard to follow, and that’s exactly the point of money laundering. Typically, the harder it is to follow, the better the money has been laundered.

Understanding California’s ignition interlock device laws

When you have a conviction for driving under the influence on your California record, you can expect it to impact many aspects of your life, from your ability to get to and from work to your bank account. At Ernenwein & Johnson, LLP, we recognize that, depending on circumstances, you may need to install an ignition interlock device on your car, truck or van in the wake of a DUI, and that you may need to keep it on there for up to four years.

Per Occupational Health & Safety, California drivers convicted of DUI between January of 2019 and Jan. 1, 2026 may have to install an ignition interlock device on their vehicles for between one and four years, provided their situations meet at least one of two circumstances. Anyone whose act of drunk driving resulted in an injury can anticipate having to finance and install an ignition interlock on their vehicles. So, too, can anyone who already had an existing DUI on his or her driving record when he or she received another one.

How long do points stay on a teen's license?

Driving is a major part of growing up, and young drivers tend to be enthusiastic about their new privileges. In some cases, this enthusiasm transforms into recklessness. However, your child does not have to suffer undue consequences because of strict California traffic laws. If he or she is an otherwise safe driver or just made an understandable mistake, you could have options.

Younger drivers also have rights. Here is a brief description of the consequences of teen traffic tickets and some things you may be able to do to help.

Should I plead guilty to get out of jail?

Generally speaking, you do not want to plead guilty simply to get out of jail earlier. Prosecutors, police officers or related representatives of California may frame this as if it is a good deal for you, but please remember that they have no ethical or legal obligation to act in your best interests while speaking with you or offering options. In fact, speaking to them at all without knowledge of the law could threaten your defense.

Even if you cannot post bail, there still may be other options available to avoid pretrial incarceration. Your case would likely require an individual legal analysis before you know what those options are. Also, please keep in mind that California laws are constantly changing. Please continue reading for a brief discussion of the current and upcoming state of the bail system.

How much does a California DUI raise your auto insurance rates?

While it is no secret that a California driving under the influence conviction will cost you a substantial amount of money, many people who receive first-time convictions for DUI do not realize just how much of a financial toll the conviction will take. California drivers with DUIs can expect to pay significant fines and related expenses after receiving convictions for their crimes, and they can also anticipate seeing some of the highest automotive insurance rate hikes in the nation.

According to, you can expect to see your auto insurance rates rise substantially in the wake of a drunk driving conviction regardless of where you live, but your insurance rates will likely skyrocket to some of the highest in the country if you currently live in California. Just how much of an automotive insurance rate increase might you see once you have a drunk driving conviction on your California driving record?

How accurate are roadside breath tests?

If you have ever been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in California, you may have been asked to take a roadside breath test. Law enforcement officers use these tests to determine whether drivers are driving with a blood alcohol level that is above the legal limit of 0.08%. The problem lies in the fact that breath tests may not give accurate and reliable results.

While the most accurate way to get a blood alcohol level is through a blood test, it is not feasible to do so on the road. Instead, drivers are asked to exhale into a breath test device, which converts the amount of alcohol found in the breath sample to a blood alcohol level. There are other factors, however, that can influence the BAC level and may lead to a wrongful drunk driving arrest.

Identity theft: How to protect yourself

Cyberattacks are increasingly common. Data security specialists struggle to keep up with ever-more sophisticated fraudsters. Facebook, Marriott, Equifax, Uber and more have all recently fallen victim to massive data breaches, potentially exposing users’ sensitive information.

You work hard for your money. With so many instances of potential vulnerability, how can you protect yourself in the digital age?

Even the finest leaders are susceptible to white collar crime

When people hear the word, "criminal," they often associate that person with a having a rough appearance or having led a difficult life. However, prominent business leaders in California can also be convicted of a crime if they are found to be participating in suspicious or illegal activity in the workplace.

Interestingly, often, those individuals who are charged with criminal conduct against their employer or other beneficiaries of the company they work for, have been entrusted with important responsibilities. Many of them have upheld polished resumes and reputations and may be well-known across their company. They may even be known throughout their industry as individuals who have made a significant impact in their line of work. In many recent cases of white-collar crimes, the perpetrators were in positions of trust and authority. 

How can you avoid getting a speeding ticket?

If you are currently facing a couple of speeding tickets in California, you may be at a loss and wondering what you can do to prevent getting a speeding ticket in the future. Too many speeding tickets on your record can compromise your license, leave you needing to pay fines and increase the costs you are required to pay for automobile insurance. Implementing safe driving practices is imperative to your ability to maintain a clean driving record so you can continue to enjoy the privilege of driving. 

While it may seem effective to speed to get to where you are going faster, to show off to someone else or to enjoy a moment of thrill, there is no reason why speeding is beneficial at all. Speed limits are posted for a reason and are designed to protect you and other drivers. Speed limits take into account the environment, typical traffic flow, the design of the road you are driving on and legal requirements. When you get your driver's license, you are agreeing to uphold the rules of the road and observe all of the laws. 

Don’t Underestimate Plea Negotiations in Your Defense


Having an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side can greatly impact your defense strategy. As California’s courts and jails continue to become more overburdened, the opportunity for plea bargains (or plea deals) should not be underestimated.

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