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Common Strategies Utilized in a Torrance DUI Defense

If you find yourself or a family member arrested for DUI in Torrance, California, this video offers important information regarding potential defense options. Robert Ernenwein is a leading South Bay DUI Attorney with 30+ years of experience in Torrance DUI Defense. Some of the topics discussed in the video include:

  • Was there probable cause or reasonable cause to stop your vehicle?

  • Were you really speeding, weaving within a lane, not fully stopped at the stop sign?

  • How does your position differ from the officer's position regarding the circumstances of your DUI stop and subsequent interactions with the officer?

  • It's possible that if the officer did not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, everything that happened subsequent to the stop could be subject to suppression and your DUI case could be dismissed.

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Video Transcript - Torrance DUI Defense:

So what defenses to a DUI case are most common?

  • First, was there probable cause or reasonable cause to stop your vehicle?

  • Were you really speeding?

  • Were you weaving within that lane?

  • Did you go through that stop sign without fully stopping?

  • What were the circumstances of your particular case in terms of the officer's position and what your position might be?

If the officer did not have probable cause or reasonable suspicion to stop your vehicle, it's possible that everything that happened thereafter is subject to suppression and your case may be dismissed.

So we start with why did the officer stop your vehicle and is it valid. We then start with your field sobriety test. Did you have any problems that may have caused you to underperform on those tests? Age, obesity, physical problems, recent surgeries - these are all things we want to look at to explain why you may not have performed as well as the officer would have liked you too.

And, of course, is the officer being credible in suggesting how you performed on the test? Was there a video? We will get the video will review it and compare and contrast it with what the officer wrote.

As for the preliminary alcohol screening test - perhaps you gave an alcohol screening test as part of your field sobriety test.

  • Was the operator qualified?

  • Was the device working properly?

  • Was it properly calibrated?

  • What was the result of the preliminary alcohol screening test?

  • How does it align with your subsequent breath or blood tests?

These are all things that we want to take a very careful look at in defending your kids.

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