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Limitations of eyewitness identification

Eyewitness identification is a tool often used by law enforcement to help identify a suspect of a crime. Departments may use an eyewitness lineup or a photograph lineup to ask witnesses who they believe committed the crime. Yet, a multitude of studies show that this form of identification may not always provide accurate and reliable results. In some cases, eyewitness identification may contribute to the wrongful conviction of an innocent person. 

Penalties for white collar crimes against elders, the disabled

White-collar crimes can bring with them serious penalties, and if you are among those currently facing a white-collar criminal charge in California, you may have concerns about what may happen to you, should that charge lead to a conviction. At Ernenwein & Johnson, LLP, we understand that the courts may be particularly tough on offenders who commit white-collar crimes against older Americans, and we have helped many people facing these circumstances work to protect their best interests.

Money laundering makes money hard to follow

There’s a good reason why it can be hard to understand what money laundering is and how it works. News stories about money laundering are usually hard to follow, and that’s exactly the point of money laundering. Typically, the harder it is to follow, the better the money has been laundered.

Understanding California’s ignition interlock device laws

When you have a conviction for driving under the influence on your California record, you can expect it to impact many aspects of your life, from your ability to get to and from work to your bank account. At Ernenwein & Johnson, LLP, we recognize that, depending on circumstances, you may need to install an ignition interlock device on your car, truck or van in the wake of a DUI, and that you may need to keep it on there for up to four years.

How long do points stay on a teen's license?

Driving is a major part of growing up, and young drivers tend to be enthusiastic about their new privileges. In some cases, this enthusiasm transforms into recklessness. However, your child does not have to suffer undue consequences because of strict California traffic laws. If he or she is an otherwise safe driver or just made an understandable mistake, you could have options.

Should I plead guilty to get out of jail?

Generally speaking, you do not want to plead guilty simply to get out of jail earlier. Prosecutors, police officers or related representatives of California may frame this as if it is a good deal for you, but please remember that they have no ethical or legal obligation to act in your best interests while speaking with you or offering options. In fact, speaking to them at all without knowledge of the law could threaten your defense.

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