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1 faces drunk driving charges after fatal crash

Being involved in a fatal motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and daunting process. While moving on from such an experience could prove difficult enough as is, should an investigation into the crash lead to allegations of unlawful behavior, the process could become even more harrowing. A 27-year-old man is facing a variety of charges after he was accused of drunk driving following a recent fatal collision in California.

Substitute bus driver faces drugged driving charges in California

Bus drivers have difficult jobs and learning to navigate a bus route can be challenging at times. When a driver is asked to fill in for another party on short notice, he or she might not always be aware of the exact route the primary driver takes and any deviations in route could leave the driver behind on schedule or more susceptible to becoming lost. A recent incident in which authorities received complaints about a substitute bus driver has left a 55-year-old woman in California accused of drugged driving.

1 faces drunk driving charges after multiple-vehicle crash

When a major collision occurs, law enforcement agents may be tasked with investigating the incident and determining its cause. In some cases, such an investigation could leave one or more parties involved facing allegations of wrongdoing and the outcome of the situation could have a significant impact on each person's future. A recent multiple-vehicle crash in California that left as many as 10 people with injuries has also left a 30-year-old man facing drunk driving charges.

Single-vehicle collision leads to DUI charges for 1

Being involved in a motor vehicle collision can be stressful and dealing with the aftermath of the incident could prove to be an intimidating process. Should an investigation into the incident leave a person accused of unlawful activity, he or she might feel uncertain about how best to handle the situation. A recent single-vehicle accident in California has reportedly left a 49-year-old woman in custody facing DUI charges.

Traffic stop leads to drunk driving charges for bus driver

Being accused of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol can be a stressful experience. With similar offenses, the allegations alone could disrupt one's life and cause irreparable harm to his or her reputation within the community. A bus driver in California is reportedly facing drunk driving charges after she was accused of being impaired while dropping students off after school.

Fatal accident leaves 1 facing drunk driving charges

Being involved in a fatal accident can be a traumatic experience that those involved may carry with them for the remainder of their lives. Such a situation may only become even more challenging to handle should the incident leave a person accused of unlawful behavior. A 39-year-old man is currently facing multiple charges after he was accused of drunk driving following a fatal collision in California.

Car accident leads to drunk driving charges for 1 in California

Dealing with the aftermath of a motor vehicle accident can be a stressful and daunting process. Should the incident leave those involved somewhat shaken up and unnerved, they might not be fully capable of handling the situation as expected. A recent incident in which a vehicle veered off the road and collided with a parked car in California has left a 23-year-old woman in custody on suspicion of drunk driving.

1 suspected of drunk driving following alleged pursuit

Although being involved in a traffic stop can be an intimidating experience, attempting to evade authorities is never advisable. A similar decision could only increase the severity of the charges against a person and it could also lead to increased suspicion of the presence of unlawful behavior. A person has been taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving following a brief pursuit that is said to have taken place in California.

How do IIDs work?

If you are one of the many people in California who have been pulled over and subsequently arrested for suspected drunk driving, you may well be a bit afraid of how the event may impact your life. You likely know that some people who are convicted of a driving under the influence charge lose the right to drive for some period of time. The state does offer some people facing DUI charges a way to continue driving. This is through the use of an ignition interlock device.

Can designated drivers get a DUI?

Before you volunteer to be a designated driver, you may want to think twice about whether you can fully abstain from drinking while having a night out with your friends. A designated driver is one who goes out, but promises to not drink alcohol in order to stay sober and drive everyone home safely once the night is over. Yet a study published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs discovered that nearly 40% of designated drivers had alcohol at some point during the evening. 

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